My Cat (Hanger) Stories

This is my cat (Hanger) stories and the reasons why I didn’t regret I took him in.

I found him 6 months ago in my attic. He was left there in the bottom of a big box full of hangers. I guess his mother couldn’t reach him when he was fell. They said he was meowing all day and thought that he was our neighbour’s kitten because his meow sounds weak and farther than actually was. So no one attempt to rescue or find him (I was still at my office back then). Read full stories


Missy’s Life: She looks Happy Since She Find A Permanent Home

I took this little one about 2 weeks ago. The truth is I was wondering for a few times whether I should get Hanger (the one I previously shelter in) a companion or not. I almost got one from my friend, she just have had a kitten, and intend to give the little one to me. But sadly, this little one passed away 3 weeks after he’s been born. 😦 ( I guess that’s often happen when the mother is too old to gave a birth)

Later, I was asking my friends if they had a kitten to be adopted. For 3 weeks I was waiting and none to came up. I’ve even searching for animal shelter and they have had only adult. And I feared that Hanger would not happy for older companion. He’s always scary around bigger cat (he’s just 5 months then). So, I determined to get a kitten. Read full article