My Cat (Hanger) Stories

This is my cat (Hanger) stories and the reasons why I didn’t regret I took him in.

I found him 6 months ago in my attic. He was left there in the bottom of a big box full of hangers. I guess his mother couldn’t reach him when he was fell. They said he was meowing all day and thought that he was our neighbour’s kitten because his meow sounds weak and farther than actually was. So no one attempt to rescue or find him (I was still at my office back then).

I was just curious that evening, and climbed up to the attic because I feel I heard meowing from the attic at one moment. My attic full of odds and ends and it was hardly easy to find him. But I got him in the end. He was still wet and look thirsty. I bought him milk (baby milk, no petshop open at 10 pm in here) and warm him up in a box with a lamp. He was still meowing all night long. pity him.

Well, that was the short stories of him. As you can see, he was black and stray cat and most cat lovers would prefer to adopt any cat but black. But I’m glad I have him. He grew quickly, cute and funny as any cat would be. 🙂

You might notice that he was named Hanger after the place he found. 😛


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