Missy’s Life: She looks Happy Since She Find A Permanent Home

I took this little one about 2 weeks ago. The truth is I was wondering for a few times whether I should get Hanger (the one I previously shelter in) a companion or not. I almost got one from my friend, she just have had a kitten, and intend to give the little one to me. But sadly, this little one passed away 3 weeks after he’s been born. 😦 ( I guess that’s often happen when the mother is too old to gave a birth)

Later, I was asking my friends if they had a kitten to be adopted. For 3 weeks I was waiting and none to came up. I’ve even searching for animal shelter and they have had only adult. And I feared that Hanger would not happy for older companion. He’s always scary around bigger cat (he’s just 5 months then). So, I determined to get a kitten.

One day I took Hanger to the beach and stop by animal and flower market in my way home. I know I usually don’t like the idea of buying a cat, but this one looks miserable in her cage. I was wondering what would happen to her if I don’t take her in. So I’ve decided right then and there that I want her.

I feed her and took her to a bath when I got home,. She’s incredibly filthy and smell. And this is what happen when I let her around after that.

Missy and Her First Bed She Met


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