#3: guilty pleasure

I think it’s very embarrassing…
Is there anybody will gladly tell their embarrassing stories!? I think only a few people.

Did I ever say that I’m an honest people!? ^_^

Everybody’s have at least one thing that they’re very hate (in the past), but they are use or do it now. And so do I….

There’s some fun facts about my guilty pleasure:

1. When I was in high school, I stated that I was born to become exact people, I hate social science.
Facts: Now, I wanna be enterpreneur someday, I’m an admin (finance), I’m still studying accounting and really enjoy it.

2. I was very hate automatic motorcycle, especially Yamaha Mio. I think the design is weird. And when I saw a man riding Mio, it’s just look like a joke.
Facts: I’m very enjoy riding Mio. It’s simple and user friendly. And plans to have another automatic motorcycle again soon.

3. I do not like mobile phone with qwerty design on keypad. So, I choose E-75 that still have standard keypad besides qwerty keypad.
Fact: When my E-75 gotten lost, I change with E-72, and now still using it.

4. I hate blackberry device. I think I’m going to throw my money on useless thing if I buy it (except on the BBM feature).
Fact: I’m still not using those device, but I wanna buy iPhone 3G’s. ^_^

5. Until 5 years ago, I was happy with my boyish things. Gothic appearance.
Facts: Trying to be girly is my passion :p, actually not my passion, I’m still casual and I can be girly *if needed*. I understand the importance of my style in working area. I put on make up as often as needed and as often as I want.

Anything else!?
Yeah… It was definitely YES
But, I think it’s enough in 5 facts above.


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