Opening Another Year

Another day, another month and another years has gone….
Here we are…. In the other year…. Facing another challenge of life that will be happen.

I will not to say happy new year to you… ’cause it’s to late. and i feel it’s really embarassed. yeah..

Today…. The 26th of 2010 -almost a month-
And this is my first post.

Great to meet all of you. It’s been long time since my last post. Fiuh…. finally we can meet again.

I think it’s to late too talk or write about resolution. hehe. So, I will write a story happened to me in this early year. Not good or happy story.

I’ve been started this years with somethi’ bad. Some because my negligence and the other I called it because X factors. I lost my cellphone (again) in the 12nd day of this year. I put the phone at my desk in my office. I’m going to toilet, and when coming back, there’s guests to take some invoice to me.

I found my phone there (at my desk), only the leather case. where’s my phone!?
Oh, no!!!!! The phone got lost…. huhuhuhu.
Angry, sad and…. ugh!!! don’t know what i feel. I bought the phone lest then 3 month before… And then lost, even before I can masimally operate it.

Now… Just hope this year will be better in the following days. And hope can buy another phone as soon aspossible

Keep fight, smile, and respect in any condition and situation you are.

Dig. Cheers…


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